Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patience returning

My husband and I had an interesting conversation last night. We were praying together for clarity and understanding and talking about spiritual matters.

I remember some of his words: "I think we are all dependent on God for everything that we require."

During last night's Mother's call, we talked about co-dependence. For those of you who are still choosing to know about conscious language and the domain of co-dependence, my simple definition is when we look outside of ourselves for happiness and/or approval before checking in with our own heart.

Back to last night's conversation... "Honey, what if a better way of saying it is: we are abundantly blessed in every way by all that God has already given us, and it is up to us to open our eyes up and see, and to open our hearts up to receive all he chooses to bestow us with."
"Well that requires a shift in my consciousness."
"Yes! It does."


I often hear this question directed at me: "How do you know?"

I know!

When I require more knowledge, I request!

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you."


I immensely enjoy this new upgrade:

I feel anger about .......
(you leaving my food I prepared out all night, choosing to read a book rather than clean up your mess, my backsliding into choosing less than my highest choice, etc)

I feel sadness when.....
(you forget to kiss me goodbye, you forget to honor our agreements, you forget all the time I spend in service that blesses you- preparing food, cleaning, watering our plants, etc.)

My loving spouse is enjoying his new upgrades as well! He says to me, "I apologize for my choosing to read instead of cleaning up my mess and I recommit to clean up any mess I make." "I apologize for forgetting to put away the food you spent a lot of time planning and preparing for us, I recommit to put our food away too."

My anger is immediately dissolved when he immediately owns his choice and recommits to his new highest choice! And we immediately express our love to each other in full alignment!


I know that I have great sovereignty returning, and great patience returning to me. I understand more about sovereignty with each conscious choice and as I speak with purity. And as far as patience goes, I admit to having clarity return to me about patience so I can fully enjoy seeing my heart embody patience. Because at this writing, I equate patience to waiting. And waiting is draining and life sucking! Waiting means I am not fully present and enjoying my abundant state! If you read this and already enjoy clarity on this issue, please send your words quickly!

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