Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vote victory

I am most enthusiastic for this month, and especially this weekend. First, it is my birthday month- so automatically it brings me joy! Second- it is going to be the best birthday ever! Because I am going to do THIS just a few days after my birthday!! I had my picture taken yesterday! It will be such a cosmic shift for me to see my eye up close and then be able to make my nutritional upgrades, and consciousness shifts to bring back light, clarity, and brilliance to areas of darkness, cloudiness, and weakness.

Last night was our free intro session with Bob Stevens at the beautiful and most fabulous New Earth Center in Austin Texas. We learned about how iridology has evolved to such a great level that now we have an amazing eye map (you will see in the enclosed link above!) to bring awareness into EVERY SINGLE strength returning, everything shows up in the eye! Imagine that instead of going to the doctor and having to tell him everything you experience and after half-listening (much of the time) he gives you a go to Bob, who takes a picture of your eye, asks you a few questions, and cosmically changes your life forever because EVERYTHING shows up! No doc necessary! YAY!

And while I say this, I recognize the wonderful loving things many doctors are doing for people to help them function in many of life's greatest activities. I especially call out my highest love to Denise, who teaches women to breastfeed that come to her clinic! Yeah, you rawk!! More doctors should follow her path, I think!

Wow, and today is our class about Discovering Your High Agreements. I am so happy about this class tonight! I am happy because speaking of anything that happens- either between two people or an existing habit for one person is most simply stated as as AGREEMENT! For example, previously in my life I chose an agreement (less than fully consciously) that my worth and value depended on what other people said to me, how they "reacted" to me, how they treated me, etc. Now my agreement is that my best friends and most loved ones LOVE ME when I am true to my heart and share that in full truth and abundance. When I come to sharing it, and if I see those people I once called "friends" less than fully excited about me living truthfully and from my heart, then I know I have more exciting and abundant friends to find who I connect to with ease, comfort, and love!

I discover more of these people everyday when I do what I love. I met some of them on Thursday, I met more of them yesterday. I spent time with all of them during these amazing events. They are my conscious community, they are my friends. I am theirs fully in voting victory! Wow! I am most enthusiastic and happy to share in experiences with my friends! I am happy and most enthusiastic to share my feelings and words here for my friends to read and vote my victory on.

What does it mean to vote victory you ask? What does it sound like to you? You already know the answer! VOTE VICTORY!!! Right now, by clicking below!!

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