Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good morning

Some time has passed since my last entry here. I am recommitting to my upgraded conscious life! 

Zephaniah 3: "For then will I turn unto the people a pure language..."

Speaking a pure language (also called using conscious language- same thing!) comes from our hearts and may at first feel awkward and unsure. We all have been brought up in a society where language may or may not be followed by pure thought and action. Many times in my life, words sent to my ear were just words; mostly forgotten because of what followed. Now I can claim my pure speech and recommit to it as often as necessary!

During the last session of our conference calls, I heard a statement read from the book which was the biggest pivotal moment I had in this journey. Here is the statement:
(From pg 187 of the book)
If you were God, would you have created an outer Savior or an Inner Savior residing in the Heart of your Creation?

Wow. We were asked this question along with the other questions on this page in our last session:
If you could, would you be full of Faith, Trust, Confidence, Security, and Courage?
If you could, would you be a Realized Being of the most High Living God and Co-Create according to your Heart of Heart's desires blessing all life, including yourself?
If you were on with God, would you have come up with a Divine Plan awaiting discovery by your created son or daughter?
Would you have created a way back home through the illusion by using fear, doubt, and separation or Love, Faith, and Union?

For me, answering these questions truthfully from My Heart in a conscious, awake state really helped me see myself more clearly. At that time I thought that our saving grace was something outside of ourselves. I believed myself to never be good enough on my own and unless I connected with ________ outside of myself, then I would be lost, fallen, sad, and damned. Once I realized that I could claim my own power, I chose to. Now I know that the power of Christ is within rather than without.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upgrade week!

I am so enthusiastic this week to focus clearly on one "I am" upgrade per day! Here they all are, laid out nicely:

  • Tuesday, September 7: I CAN!
  • Wednesday, September 8: I AM!
  • Thursday, September 9: I WILL! (As in, God in me Wills it so - now!)
  • Friday, September 10: I CHOOSE!
  • Saturday, September 11: I HAVE!
  • Sunday, September 12: I LOVE!
  • Monday, September 13: I ENJOY!

So far, everyday is living up to its theme! I was thinking about it on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I forgot about it for a couple days and then today I remembered to check back in on it mentally. Today is "I have" and you know what I have? Renters! Everything worked out perfect on my home situation! Hurray!

Yesterday was "I choose" and I had to choose how to proceed with the tricky situation that happened when our supposed renters realized they had longer on their lease and told me. 

Thursday was my dance class and that was definitely an "I will" day! I willed my class in action and it turned out awesome and I had success! I just know that God is all ready with our greatest good hooked up once we determine exactly what it is and demonstrate the faith necessary to receive it! I love dancing, and for a long time in my life I thought "I'll never be good enough" to teach it. But really, what a silly thing for me to think! I choose to know and remember my goodness! I am awesome!

Wednesday was "I am" day and I choose to remember my awesome examples here...

Tuesday was "I can" and very very stormy. This day we were planning to go look at homes for rent in our newly desired living location. Well, I know that one option was to "I can" about the storms. However, I chose to "I can" about what I do at home. I do have a young child and husband whose safety means a lot. Also, looking at homes while God is supplying us with an abundant down-pouring  of rain did seem to me - less than a great idea. So "I can(ned)" about looking at places online at home and communicating with our agent about what we desired.

I am very enthusiastic for tomorrow and Monday- "I love" and "I enjoy". I imagine them being the best days ever! Ya-hoo!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awesome upgrades

I am writing today to give a basic guide to those of my readers who are interested in "playing the conscious language game"....basically experimenting in your life with words that match with your true heart's communication.

1. Cancel "don't", "won't", "can't", "shouldn't", "couldn't", "wouldn't", "didn't"...and all the "not" contractions you are currently using. Replace with what you choose, your heart's true message. Speaking about what is other than that will only take you further away from where you desire to be. Words move energy.

2. Upgrade process into outcome: cancel "try", "process", "struggle", and anything that means you or anyone has yet to choose- to making your choice (with your words). Any struggle, effort or process is a waste of time! Just be and choose your outcome!

3. Cancel "But"- replace with "And". "But" cancels everything that comes before it. If you have two truths to communicate that may be at odds with each other, first choose to connect them with the word "and" and notice how you feel. The energy of your words moves differently. Here is an example: "I really love you, BUT I just can't see how...blah blah babble babble...." Versus "I really love you AND I choose to understand you by hearing everything you have to say and calling for clarity whenever I require it."

4. Replace "want" and "need" with "desire", "require", and/or "choose". Both "want" and "need" mean "lack". Choose abundance! Exit lack mentality immediately!

5. Only speak what you choose- where you choose to move to- energetically speaking. When you hear your words taking you away from your desired outcome, STOP. Re-assess your words and cancel what you said, speak what you choose. Here is an example of this one:
"God wants us to want _____" upgrades through: God has no lack, no wanting, he is fulfilled and perfected already! God desires that we are abundant. Woah, wait...God has already seen to our abundance. Now my choice is to see my abundance and enjoy it! "I see and enjoy my abundance!"

Yay! Those are some awesome and fun upgrades that I empower you to move forward in life with! Namaste, Amen, and good tidings to you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patience returning

My husband and I had an interesting conversation last night. We were praying together for clarity and understanding and talking about spiritual matters.

I remember some of his words: "I think we are all dependent on God for everything that we require."

During last night's Mother's call, we talked about co-dependence. For those of you who are still choosing to know about conscious language and the domain of co-dependence, my simple definition is when we look outside of ourselves for happiness and/or approval before checking in with our own heart.

Back to last night's conversation... "Honey, what if a better way of saying it is: we are abundantly blessed in every way by all that God has already given us, and it is up to us to open our eyes up and see, and to open our hearts up to receive all he chooses to bestow us with."
"Well that requires a shift in my consciousness."
"Yes! It does."


I often hear this question directed at me: "How do you know?"

I know!

When I require more knowledge, I request!

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you."


I immensely enjoy this new upgrade:

I feel anger about .......
(you leaving my food I prepared out all night, choosing to read a book rather than clean up your mess, my backsliding into choosing less than my highest choice, etc)

I feel sadness when.....
(you forget to kiss me goodbye, you forget to honor our agreements, you forget all the time I spend in service that blesses you- preparing food, cleaning, watering our plants, etc.)

My loving spouse is enjoying his new upgrades as well! He says to me, "I apologize for my choosing to read instead of cleaning up my mess and I recommit to clean up any mess I make." "I apologize for forgetting to put away the food you spent a lot of time planning and preparing for us, I recommit to put our food away too."

My anger is immediately dissolved when he immediately owns his choice and recommits to his new highest choice! And we immediately express our love to each other in full alignment!


I know that I have great sovereignty returning, and great patience returning to me. I understand more about sovereignty with each conscious choice and as I speak with purity. And as far as patience goes, I admit to having clarity return to me about patience so I can fully enjoy seeing my heart embody patience. Because at this writing, I equate patience to waiting. And waiting is draining and life sucking! Waiting means I am not fully present and enjoying my abundant state! If you read this and already enjoy clarity on this issue, please send your words quickly!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women empowered

I apologize to whoever is reading this blog of mine that I have been away from it for a little while. I recommit to posting once or twice weekly! I have ideas about what to post about often and then I get sidetracked and once I finally sit down to post I am still choosing to know which idea(s) to post about!

Well, first I choose to continue on a bit from last week's post. I have been dreaming, envisioning, praying all about my divine service to teach dance in my community. Hmm... cancel "teach" and replace with "facilitate"- which means "to make easy". Yes, I like it. Mmm. When I write about it, I am really expressing my deepest heartfelt feelings and desires. 

I am enthusiastic about women having fun again, and having fun with their daughters. If any of them had believed that all fun is now only allowed during playtime hours at home- then a great surprise is in store for both of you! Parenting can be fun, when you dance through life with your kids and husband around you- and with your community!

I know this is true because I have been dancing more and more at home with my son and my husband. He has much less dance experience than I do, but I think my sheer enthusiasm for music and movement rubs off on him more and more and now he is shaking his body with me more and more all the time! I love a good dance party! Especially in my kitchen!!


I now transition into a new topic. I dreamed the other night of something a bit unpleasant. I dreamed that I was outside at night walking around when I heard a woman screaming. I followed the noise and saw a shadow of a man raping this woman. She was screaming in horror and he was laughing horribly. I awoke from this dreaming panting and a bit on edge. Since I had that dream, I was able to contemplate what part of my consciousness it may have come from. I remembered reading in the first chapter of "Reclaiming our Health" (by John Robbins) this powerful passage:
"If we are to bring healing to ourselves, to our society, and to our world, we must regain respect for our bodies, and particularly for women's bodies, for it is women who are most devalued, and it is women in whose wombs and hearts future generations are shaped. The way we are each treated by our mothers and what they pass on to us is largely a product of the messages they have internalized. In a world where women are demeaned, all children inherit a legacy of alienation and dishonor."
Whoever is reading my words here, I command you to WAKE UP! Just like I did from my dream! It is time to reverse this horrible attitude society has about women and their value. Whether you are a man or a woman,  stand up for and love every woman in your life! You were brought into this life through a woman's body, nurtured by one from a young age. 

Sovereign and strong women naturally repel domineering and manipulating men. Enjoy this effect, and attract men who value your sacred femininity. Attract a man who holds your virtue in his highest regard as pure and sacred. We as women are here to shape the rising generations. It is of utmost importance that we uphold our great responsibility to nurture and be strong and sovereign as Goddesses to be!


Last night I saw "Alice in Wonderland" - the new one with Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and Helena Bonham Carter. It was such a wake up for me! Alice is only 19 years old! And she slays the Jabberwocky! Dear Mr. Lewis Carroll- what is the jabberwocky? I know it has biting jaws and catching claws...Here is my translation: Jabber/wocky; jabber: nonsense, Babel tongue, words without meaning; wocky: walky, walking, moving forward.

Therefore, in my understanding the jabberwocky is about the nonsensical Babel tongue of words without meaning, without understanding moving forward. Alice slaying the jabberwocky means she is removing this force from her and everyone's lives. No more nonsense, no more babel-virus. No more babble without meaning. 

Only pure speech and great understanding from henceforth. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mother glow

This post is brought to you by the heart of mothers who really have a passion in life and are choosing to enjoy that passion throughout motherhood. My passion in life is in movement- I love stretching, strengthening, and moving my body to music. I am so blissed out when I am fully embracing my love of dance. When I was single, I went dancing and my favorite style was West Coast Swing. When the right song came on, and I fully enjoyed my partner's lead, I glowed. It is all very reminiscent of Stardust:
Remember how her light kept glowing when she was dancing?
And the captain said, "I know what you are"
This clip shows her glowing about half way through.

Anyway, there you have it. 
My love of dance makes me glow.

I think dance can bring families together. I think families can enjoy good music and dancing in their homes together rather than just sitting in front of the big screen every time they are bored. An occasional flick is fun, I agree. But if that is all the memories that a child has growing up....
Hmm I feel sad about that vision.

Vision transformation underway....
So instead 
I enjoy seeing families dancing with each other, and without much talk at all- being present with each other through dance and movement. And I love my vision. I love my dance and music.

What are some songs and groups who inspire you?
I am enthusiastic for your responses!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Love and Light

I am a person who enjoys living life moment to moment in doing what feels right in my soul. 

As a child, this meant dancing, climbing trees, enjoying nature, exploring hidden places, meeting new people, seeing talents and gifts, sharing my talents and gifts freely, and embracing every moment in entirety.

As a young woman this meant exploring relationships, expressing creativity, loving friends, caring for children, playing, learning, exploring, honing skills, and preparing for my young adulthood years.

When I became a young adult, 
my experiences were a foundation for continuous forward movement.
 I put together pieces from those years into one. 
My creativity fused with my ability to love my friends and relationships
 and I explored connective dancing- also known as social dancing. 
From this I learned how every truth is expressed
 with every energy in a dance partnership. 
Some partners demanded my response with their 
energy I felt through our connection, some were so gentle
that I required to close my eyes to enable myself to feel the subtle 
requests for my movement expression.
Every skill I learned to bring me abundant supply
 (mainly being: typing at the speed of light) 
was what I did to support myself
 in learning dance connection with a partner. 

In college I explored marriage and family partnerships
I learned about child and human development from the womb
to the elderly aged. I explored languages and linguistics-
I dabbled in English phonetics, syntax, semantics, morphology, and grammar.
I spoke basic Spanish and Portuguese with fun and ease.
I even explored Sign Language- Language plus movement!! Yes, my 
memories are only joyful when I think of these experiences!

Now I have my divine partner
I have my sweet child
I have mortgage and bills to pay
and a great passion for dancing, loving, relationships, and families.

Now I have conscious language hooked up
and am upgrading daily each decree
and I spent the weekend with my conscious community
upscaling our agreements, words, decrees

I am a powerful force
of love and light
within my family
and my community!!!!

(angelic applause commences)