Monday, August 9, 2010

My heart sings

My heart is full of joy and I am learning to receive with my even more fully open than I ever thought possible. 

I feel God's great love 

in abundance 

pouring over me

like the rain

as it pours

over the earth.

It wakes up

hidden life within

everywhere it touches.

And everywhere I am touched by God's love that I am open is a great blessing into my heart and soul.  
And I receive it with ease and comfort.

My highest choice is to open up, receive God's blessings, 
feel greatness, joy and abundance, and become as He is. 

I see all opportunities in my life, 
in my visions,
my memories, 
and at every moment
as great blessings
to awaken my soul
to greatness
I am that I am.

We are all "I am" beings. 
Christ showed us the way.
I am one in his glory
when I embrace
I am that I am.

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Krystalle and Arttemis said...

I enjoy reading your poem, Tricia!