Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women empowered

I apologize to whoever is reading this blog of mine that I have been away from it for a little while. I recommit to posting once or twice weekly! I have ideas about what to post about often and then I get sidetracked and once I finally sit down to post I am still choosing to know which idea(s) to post about!

Well, first I choose to continue on a bit from last week's post. I have been dreaming, envisioning, praying all about my divine service to teach dance in my community. Hmm... cancel "teach" and replace with "facilitate"- which means "to make easy". Yes, I like it. Mmm. When I write about it, I am really expressing my deepest heartfelt feelings and desires. 

I am enthusiastic about women having fun again, and having fun with their daughters. If any of them had believed that all fun is now only allowed during playtime hours at home- then a great surprise is in store for both of you! Parenting can be fun, when you dance through life with your kids and husband around you- and with your community!

I know this is true because I have been dancing more and more at home with my son and my husband. He has much less dance experience than I do, but I think my sheer enthusiasm for music and movement rubs off on him more and more and now he is shaking his body with me more and more all the time! I love a good dance party! Especially in my kitchen!!


I now transition into a new topic. I dreamed the other night of something a bit unpleasant. I dreamed that I was outside at night walking around when I heard a woman screaming. I followed the noise and saw a shadow of a man raping this woman. She was screaming in horror and he was laughing horribly. I awoke from this dreaming panting and a bit on edge. Since I had that dream, I was able to contemplate what part of my consciousness it may have come from. I remembered reading in the first chapter of "Reclaiming our Health" (by John Robbins) this powerful passage:
"If we are to bring healing to ourselves, to our society, and to our world, we must regain respect for our bodies, and particularly for women's bodies, for it is women who are most devalued, and it is women in whose wombs and hearts future generations are shaped. The way we are each treated by our mothers and what they pass on to us is largely a product of the messages they have internalized. In a world where women are demeaned, all children inherit a legacy of alienation and dishonor."
Whoever is reading my words here, I command you to WAKE UP! Just like I did from my dream! It is time to reverse this horrible attitude society has about women and their value. Whether you are a man or a woman,  stand up for and love every woman in your life! You were brought into this life through a woman's body, nurtured by one from a young age. 

Sovereign and strong women naturally repel domineering and manipulating men. Enjoy this effect, and attract men who value your sacred femininity. Attract a man who holds your virtue in his highest regard as pure and sacred. We as women are here to shape the rising generations. It is of utmost importance that we uphold our great responsibility to nurture and be strong and sovereign as Goddesses to be!


Last night I saw "Alice in Wonderland" - the new one with Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and Helena Bonham Carter. It was such a wake up for me! Alice is only 19 years old! And she slays the Jabberwocky! Dear Mr. Lewis Carroll- what is the jabberwocky? I know it has biting jaws and catching claws...Here is my translation: Jabber/wocky; jabber: nonsense, Babel tongue, words without meaning; wocky: walky, walking, moving forward.

Therefore, in my understanding the jabberwocky is about the nonsensical Babel tongue of words without meaning, without understanding moving forward. Alice slaying the jabberwocky means she is removing this force from her and everyone's lives. No more nonsense, no more babel-virus. No more babble without meaning. 

Only pure speech and great understanding from henceforth. 

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