Friday, August 13, 2010

Mother glow

This post is brought to you by the heart of mothers who really have a passion in life and are choosing to enjoy that passion throughout motherhood. My passion in life is in movement- I love stretching, strengthening, and moving my body to music. I am so blissed out when I am fully embracing my love of dance. When I was single, I went dancing and my favorite style was West Coast Swing. When the right song came on, and I fully enjoyed my partner's lead, I glowed. It is all very reminiscent of Stardust:
Remember how her light kept glowing when she was dancing?
And the captain said, "I know what you are"
This clip shows her glowing about half way through.

Anyway, there you have it. 
My love of dance makes me glow.

I think dance can bring families together. I think families can enjoy good music and dancing in their homes together rather than just sitting in front of the big screen every time they are bored. An occasional flick is fun, I agree. But if that is all the memories that a child has growing up....
Hmm I feel sad about that vision.

Vision transformation underway....
So instead 
I enjoy seeing families dancing with each other, and without much talk at all- being present with each other through dance and movement. And I love my vision. I love my dance and music.

What are some songs and groups who inspire you?
I am enthusiastic for your responses!!

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