Monday, August 9, 2010

Love and Light

I am a person who enjoys living life moment to moment in doing what feels right in my soul. 

As a child, this meant dancing, climbing trees, enjoying nature, exploring hidden places, meeting new people, seeing talents and gifts, sharing my talents and gifts freely, and embracing every moment in entirety.

As a young woman this meant exploring relationships, expressing creativity, loving friends, caring for children, playing, learning, exploring, honing skills, and preparing for my young adulthood years.

When I became a young adult, 
my experiences were a foundation for continuous forward movement.
 I put together pieces from those years into one. 
My creativity fused with my ability to love my friends and relationships
 and I explored connective dancing- also known as social dancing. 
From this I learned how every truth is expressed
 with every energy in a dance partnership. 
Some partners demanded my response with their 
energy I felt through our connection, some were so gentle
that I required to close my eyes to enable myself to feel the subtle 
requests for my movement expression.
Every skill I learned to bring me abundant supply
 (mainly being: typing at the speed of light) 
was what I did to support myself
 in learning dance connection with a partner. 

In college I explored marriage and family partnerships
I learned about child and human development from the womb
to the elderly aged. I explored languages and linguistics-
I dabbled in English phonetics, syntax, semantics, morphology, and grammar.
I spoke basic Spanish and Portuguese with fun and ease.
I even explored Sign Language- Language plus movement!! Yes, my 
memories are only joyful when I think of these experiences!

Now I have my divine partner
I have my sweet child
I have mortgage and bills to pay
and a great passion for dancing, loving, relationships, and families.

Now I have conscious language hooked up
and am upgrading daily each decree
and I spent the weekend with my conscious community
upscaling our agreements, words, decrees

I am a powerful force
of love and light
within my family
and my community!!!!

(angelic applause commences)

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