Thursday, August 5, 2010

My upgraded speech

Wow, I have many blog posts to do today! I am choosing to start here because I will require to begin thinking in my new conscious language and writing it! First, this month is looking to be a busy one! I originally imagined myself blogging on here about twice a week. I see this month as a series of re-commitments to do that! I feel blessed with my abundantly active and productive status now. I am also blessed to be awakened to my highest choices on a daily basis! I see my awakened state leading others into their own awake state!

This week's call was even more enjoyable for me and I see them getting better every week as participants are becoming more enthusiastic about it and doing their upgrades. Also we enjoyed looking at some upgrade opportunities in some basic "Babel tongue" statements. This was really helpful and I look forward to continue doing it in the future both in the group and in my family.

I shared about becoming more conscious this past week with using the words of separation, "it" "the" "those" "that", etc...."T" words usually are what create that feeling of separation. In Bob's classes he frequently enjoys having everyone repeat "the money" and then "my money" over and over again. Eventually each person has a breakthrough experience where they realize how much more they enjoy saying "my money" than "the money"!!! I sure do! And I enjoy being connected to my friends, family, and associates by upgrading "T" words to "my" "your" "our" etc. I am just now reawakened to the my awareness about grade school and being taught "pronouns" and how much difference the my experience will now be when I am teaching my children and possibly my community's children about "pronouns"!!

Okay I am happy to move onto my next thought. Being present is also an upgrade that I am choosing to fully realize in my communication. And again my thoughts are directed back to school where we all have memories of being taught about how to use past and future tense verbs to describe past and future events. So I require to address this in my mind about how I fully enjoy my present awareness and state of conscious communication. I am thinking about how using cross-outs rather than deleting my less desirable words is likely a cue for readers who are still choosing to know more about this. I see me doing both cross-outs and saying exactly what I choose in the present tense in my blog posts. I enjoy my blogging and how it uplifts my readers!

As far as past and future speaking is concerned, if I speak something with past or future tense attached to it, I choose afterwards to say "cancel clear" and then speak it truthfully in the present. Because truthfully, our only existence is "here and now". "In the past" and "in the future" are only statements that take us away from "now". I love reading in Conscious Language about how Bob studied the Hopi language and there really is nothing in that tongue that means "now", nor are there words to take the speaker/listener to the future or past- away from "now" or "the present moment".

I enjoy exploring and focusing on how I communicate these concepts with my new upgrades. Here is a great example from last night. My sweet husband said to me "I wish, or desire...however you say it right...that you would always wash your dishes off and put them in the dishwasher." I have many memories of him saying this to me. Last night I replied with: "So you enjoy seeing a clean and empty sink because I choose to put my dishes in the dishwasher?" And he looked up at me and smiled. What a "hurray!" moment!

Here is another upgrade opportunity we are exploring together.
"I feel like you...."
If I choose to start a sentence with "I feel" then my next word choice requires to be a feeling!!! So we enjoy our new upgrade opportunities which include:
"I feel sad about hearing you say ______________ "
"I feel anger when I see _____________"
"I feel fear when I think _______________"
"I feel apathy toward _________ because I see _________"
In all honesty, "apathy" is hardly escaping my tongue anymore! I am laughing to myself now.
Here are some positive expressions:
"I feel happy about my vision of us choosing true and conscious communication with each other."
"I am immensely enjoying your arms wrapped around me and how I feel as you hold me like this."
"I am ecstatic to come home and see our house clean and tidy!"

Some of these upgrades call to my attention the requirement we also feel to only speak what we choose to be manifest in our lives. Speaking about anything other than that is really less effective for us!! I choose effectiveness! I choose to love my spouse and to receive his loving kindness! I choose to see my highest choices now and continuously! I choose to see my abundance!

My opportunities (once called "homework") this week include changing my voicemail message and doing 5 things that I "don't want" to do. I did one of them yesterday and now I know how powerful this will be for me! Hurray!

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