Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My wish fulfilled

I have experienced some major transformations lately. I felt the energy cycle of my previous language patterns stronger than ever over the past week. I had a great and horrible experience several days ago that involved me letting go of "couldnts" "should haves" and my feelings of guilt and shame about myself as a mother, and my mother. It was horrible because it involved the physical manifestation of letting go by vomiting out my entire (once delicious) dinner and blood!! I choose to add to this that vomiting has been a (very) less than desirable event my entire life and I have spent so much time and energy prohibiting myself from vomiting in the past. (cancel-clear-there is no past-there is only NOW!)

I choose to make this fun and easy, and breathe in and out my highest choice everyday with grace and ease. 

I made this choice previously, and often people choose this path with as much consciousness as they currently are embracing- which is less than they are conscious of!! Me included, embarrassment is "other than" required! So because of all this, I went about choosing less than my highest conscious language choices for a few days. And it was different than before, because this time I became conscious of what my higher language choice was. And not only that, but I saw my worst outcome fulfilled rather than my greatest outcome! WHAT? CANCEL CLEAR!!!

I choose to speak only what I desire to bring into manifestation now and continuously! 

In our phone conference this week, we spoke about decrees and how everything we speak is a decree- and the more feeling that we speak it with, the quicker it comes into physical matter. In other words- IF IT MATTERS TO US, IT TURNS INTO MATTER!

I just love the ah-ha's that I am receiving through this study and through watching Bob's DVDs with my group! It is absolutely fascinating, empowering, uplifting!

Our exploration we reported this week was about imagining/feeling our wish fulfilled with imagination activation. We had a super conscious mom guest speaker, Erin, who shared how she uses imagination activation with her 12 year old son to assist him in seeing his highest outcome fulfilled and feeling it! It is super empowering to us beginner moms and moms to be to hear about super moms who are using these tools with their children and discovering amazing experiences with them together. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her stories and experiences.

We also discussed new words to use when we are tempted to speak "its hard" or "there are so many problems to fix". One of our moms enjoys using the word "challenge" rather than these other options and Krystalle enjoys upgrading to "opportunities". This always makes me laugh, in a good way when I hear this. Imagine if instead of someone speaking their "problem" as this: "My son and I struggle with communication and connection"....WE NOW HAVE them speaking their "opportunity for growth" as "My son and I have great connection returning to us and even more enhanced communication". 

AH HA! Now we are seeing our desired outcome fulfilled! Yes!

Another part of our discussion that I enjoyed was about Bob Steven's study of the Hopi language (spoken about in the book we are studying). They have no words for "past" "future" or "now" because all of them are irrelevant. The only thing that exists is NOW and if we always know that then there is no requirement to come back to now from the past or go away from now into the future. We only imagine our outcomes and work towards their fulfillment!

I think one of our greatest challenges as Mothers choosing to upgrade with Conscious Language is being. Rather than telling others what to do, be, choose- like we tend to be accustomed to. If we are radiant warm examples of what we choose for our partners, children, and communities to embrace...then how much greater is our power to transform them into all of our highest outcomes/choices! 

I choose to finish with this great inspirational quote from our Conscious Language book:

The way we glorify our creator is by living abundantly in joy and health with our beloved"

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Krystalle and Arttemis said...

Amen to your ah-ha's, Sister!
Your final quote is one of my favorites, too!