Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd meetup

Last night was our 2nd meeting (phone conference) for our meetup group. If you desire to join, leave a comment and I'll be in touch. Krystalle requires that anyone desiring to join later into the group listen to the previous sessions before joining in on the live calls. Anyway, there were four of us participating last night. I am glad the group was small to start because we each were able to share stories without any fear of monopolizing others time. I think everyone spoke when they desired to/had something to say and felt very heard and loved by the group. Three of us were in various parts of Texas and one was calling from California.

We are going through the Conscious Language book about 12 pages at a time and discussing it in a group and sharing our personal experiences with each other. It meant so much to me last night when I shared to feel the love coming back every time I shared by the words and reactions of the other participants. Today in my blog post I will share with you the things that really grabbed my attention and that I felt inspired by.

One big shift that is occurring for anyone who is upgrading with Conscious Language is coming out of the belief system that if I win, it means someone else loses or vice-versa and changing that win-lose scenario into win-win beliefs. Here it is better said as "when I transform my inner reality to abundant thinking and feeling and acting, it benefits my entire community (and world)"! Krystalle described how she kept coming back to this realization. And it is a big deal for me to think about to. When I am making my highest conscious choice about where to live, and how I share my gifts with others, and who I serve by sharing my gifts, it is the greatest benefit for everyone- and creates win-win all around.

Another big shift is the realization (by the way realize = real eyes) that I came into my family on purpose and was received by many with joy and gratitude. The thing about the past is that we can rewrite it. Sure, what happened,  happened. But the story we tell ourself is very changeable!! There may be events in our childhood which memories deny us from thinking or feeling the full love of all when we came into this world. We can choose to transform that.

I think about when I gave birth to my son and what I went through before, during, and after. I think of how I prayed for so long for and regarding the children that would come to our family. I think of all the conscious choices I made about how my son would come into this world. I think about who was there to support me and how they supported me. I remember his sweet face shortly after he was born and how very alert he always was, even from day one. He is so big now, and this was only 7 and a half months ago! My greatest desire about this all is that he sees that we did plan for him with full consciousness and receive him with great joy at the time of his birth.

The next big conscious break through we talked about was how intense negative emotions have a huge amount of the opposite positive emotion pushing them up and waiting to come forth and express. Here is what happens in transmuting our emotions:
Anger/hate transmutes into forgiveness and loving action
Fear/doubt transmutes into faith and courage
Sadness transmutes into extreme joy

As we were discussing fear and doubt I chose to share a recent experience that I had. My beloved and I recently decided that we would begin reading Harry Potter together. So we are starting with book one. We do this instead of watching TV or playing the Wii. Actually it is quite unifying for us because we go to the same place as we read. But anyway, the other day I was reading the part in the story where Harry is taking his journey to Hogwarts and his aunt and uncle drop him off in between platforms 9 and 10 and he has no idea how to get to platform 9 and 3/4. He asks people and they all think he is bonkers. He feels fear and doubt about this whole journey and path. Is it real? He is wondering. 

As I read this part of the story, I felt such a connection to it that I began to tear up and cry as I read it. Because I am Harry...standing in between platforms 9 and 10 and wondering how to get to platform 9 and 3/4!! He was looking for his people- the people that "got him" and knew who he was and what he was there to do. That is just like me! I have been looking for the people that "get me"- I call them "my people". Now all I have to do is square my shoulders, grab firmly onto my cart and run like mad at the brick wall!! Then the real journey begins!

Much of the time for us as moms, our feelings might get repressed and disallowed to express and be heard. This can translate into a whole bunch of symptoms but I'm more here to rather than what all those are- just that it is important we hear and feel what is in us. Be present with your feelings and allow yourself the time and space to feel them. Yeah, let your kids see you cry, if that is what it means. It might be a nice change for them to see their parent finally expressing their feelings freely. Then they will feel safe to express theirs. 

Sorry if that translated into "preachy" for anyone. Maybe I'm choosing to include it here because I require to acknowledge my emotions more fully and take action when they come up. Things get hard when I choose not to choose, to just "let things happen". Because then the control is out of my hands. Sometimes the control is better off in my hands and then I receive my ease and comfort that I was missing out on.

I was just doing my Bodyflow workout and one of the tracks for this latest release features Leona Lewis's song "Happy" and one of the oft repeated lyrics in it is "So what if it hurts me...?" And my whole experience doing my workout came from being slightly repressed to being fully present. Because in doing it, I felt the sadness of having that blessing to share with others without a regular class to share it with. And I know that people enjoy my classes because when I am at the gym people come up to me and tell me they enjoyed me when I subbed for so and so in the past. And that is what hurts right now. My blessing being rejected or "not chosen" by my manager to be a part of the fitness program at the gym. Some of the people remember me from teaching a class almost a year ago!

I chose to go back and listen to that song a few times and wow it really is incredible. I feel inspired to perform a dance to its lyrics. I think that is where I conclude my remarks for today. See you next time!

Love Trish

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Krystalle and Arttemis said...

Thank you for sharing Tricia! Your words and experiences are blessing me in understanding how our group is touching your life. I appreciate you!