Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conscious Language skills and Bear Scouts

Last night I had a chance to put my conscious language skills to work. I was recently given the opportunity (and responsibility) to spend 2 hours with the local bear scouts every Tuesday night (except next week, heh heh). We had four scouts last night, which was one more than we had the last two weeks. These boys are about 9 years old and each one adds an incredible amount of energy that sometimes requires some harnessing. So we require to use our language in the quickest, most effective way to obtain results. Otherwise we will have escapee scouts running around the church!

So I chose to create statements in the affirmative that were short and to the point. The boys desire to participate successfully and so these statements are crucial in getting through our planned activities and teaching experiences. Last night we were learning how to tie all those fun knots. Turns out that one of the boys already knew how to do them and he was teaching us! But the boys who were still learning kept getting distracted and so I and my co-leader used these statements:

"Everyone sit in their chairs" .....rather than..... "Don't run off!"
"Focus on your own rope and knots" .....instead of ...."Don't grab Johnny's rope!"
"Stand on this black line, behind each other" .......rather than........."Stop running around!"

One thing I ran out of space and time to speak about in my last post was our challenge to use Imagination Activation. This process allows us to visualize our highest outcome fulfilled before we even begin the process of obtaining that outcome. Becoming successful at implementing this into my life is going to mean that my usual way of just "shooting from the hip" or going by whatever inspires me will evolve into a set of plans with my outcome already envisioned and enjoyed by me. When I see my outcome, my feelings and energy becomes different because now the story I am telling myself in my head has that outcome already in it. So now I am going to use imagination activation with scouting.

I imagine that I have a great connection to my bear scouts. I see them respecting my wishes as I use conscious language approaches. I see them waving at me when they see me during our church meetings. I see them coming up to me and my co-leader and telling me their stories. I see them growing into responsible young men. I see them demonstrating love and respect to the women in their life as they grow into adults. I see them choosing women who communicate clearly and speak consciously as friends and partners. I see them raising children consciously and teaching them with love and consciousness.

By the way, did you know that IMAGINE = I AM A GENIE  ? ....Hee.... hee


Krystalle and Arttemis said...

I am enjoying your post Tricia - you are a genie!
You can even use imagination activation with your scouts, "imagine you just tied your perfect knot - how do you feel? What do you see in your hands?"
Of course Age 9 boys may prefer imagining their perfect knot growing legs and running around your room... cancel, clear!!
You do have a great opportunity in scouts to help boys recognize and feel their feelings. Imagine a scenario where one of the scouts is challenged with his particular task - "how do you feel about having a hard time with this?"
"I have felt sad about having a hard time too. Sometimes I feel better when I take a deep breath, then imagine my knot already tied - I pretend I already did it and I see my knot looking fantastic, and I see I tied it with ease. Will you try imagining your knot already tied before you try it again?"

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Wow, thanks for those great ideas!