Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good morning

Some time has passed since my last entry here. I am recommitting to my upgraded conscious life! 

Zephaniah 3: "For then will I turn unto the people a pure language..."

Speaking a pure language (also called using conscious language- same thing!) comes from our hearts and may at first feel awkward and unsure. We all have been brought up in a society where language may or may not be followed by pure thought and action. Many times in my life, words sent to my ear were just words; mostly forgotten because of what followed. Now I can claim my pure speech and recommit to it as often as necessary!

During the last session of our conference calls, I heard a statement read from the book which was the biggest pivotal moment I had in this journey. Here is the statement:
(From pg 187 of the book)
If you were God, would you have created an outer Savior or an Inner Savior residing in the Heart of your Creation?

Wow. We were asked this question along with the other questions on this page in our last session:
If you could, would you be full of Faith, Trust, Confidence, Security, and Courage?
If you could, would you be a Realized Being of the most High Living God and Co-Create according to your Heart of Heart's desires blessing all life, including yourself?
If you were on with God, would you have come up with a Divine Plan awaiting discovery by your created son or daughter?
Would you have created a way back home through the illusion by using fear, doubt, and separation or Love, Faith, and Union?

For me, answering these questions truthfully from My Heart in a conscious, awake state really helped me see myself more clearly. At that time I thought that our saving grace was something outside of ourselves. I believed myself to never be good enough on my own and unless I connected with ________ outside of myself, then I would be lost, fallen, sad, and damned. Once I realized that I could claim my own power, I chose to. Now I know that the power of Christ is within rather than without.

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