Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upgrade week!

I am so enthusiastic this week to focus clearly on one "I am" upgrade per day! Here they all are, laid out nicely:

  • Tuesday, September 7: I CAN!
  • Wednesday, September 8: I AM!
  • Thursday, September 9: I WILL! (As in, God in me Wills it so - now!)
  • Friday, September 10: I CHOOSE!
  • Saturday, September 11: I HAVE!
  • Sunday, September 12: I LOVE!
  • Monday, September 13: I ENJOY!

So far, everyday is living up to its theme! I was thinking about it on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I forgot about it for a couple days and then today I remembered to check back in on it mentally. Today is "I have" and you know what I have? Renters! Everything worked out perfect on my home situation! Hurray!

Yesterday was "I choose" and I had to choose how to proceed with the tricky situation that happened when our supposed renters realized they had longer on their lease and told me. 

Thursday was my dance class and that was definitely an "I will" day! I willed my class in action and it turned out awesome and I had success! I just know that God is all ready with our greatest good hooked up once we determine exactly what it is and demonstrate the faith necessary to receive it! I love dancing, and for a long time in my life I thought "I'll never be good enough" to teach it. But really, what a silly thing for me to think! I choose to know and remember my goodness! I am awesome!

Wednesday was "I am" day and I choose to remember my awesome examples here...

Tuesday was "I can" and very very stormy. This day we were planning to go look at homes for rent in our newly desired living location. Well, I know that one option was to "I can" about the storms. However, I chose to "I can" about what I do at home. I do have a young child and husband whose safety means a lot. Also, looking at homes while God is supplying us with an abundant down-pouring  of rain did seem to me - less than a great idea. So "I can(ned)" about looking at places online at home and communicating with our agent about what we desired.

I am very enthusiastic for tomorrow and Monday- "I love" and "I enjoy". I imagine them being the best days ever! Ya-hoo!

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Krystalle and Arttemis said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, Tricia! I vote your victory!